Our next full council meeting is Monday 8th July 2024 at the Village Hall 6.30pm.  (Note; no meetings in August-holiday month)  Meetings are usually held on the second Monday in the month at 6.30pm at the Village Hall.  Sometimes the venue may change to the Tennis Club.  There is a short public speaking time at the start of the meeting.  If Councillors need to do prior research on your inquiry please let us know by contacting the Clerk ASAP.  All are welcome

Fancy a chat with a local Councillor? Or have a question to ask of the Council?  On the last Saturday each month a Local Councillor will be at the Post Office to hear what you have to say at 10.00 -10.30am.            

The two housing estates bordering the A56 were originally designed as ‘Open Plan’ (Click on this; Open-Plan-Paper-7 ) Please seek consultation with Planning Officers if you want to deviate from the current Open Plan status before taking action that may end up being in contravention, and requiring costly reparation.  We understand that the there are actions being enforced to those in contravention to the Open Plan and have been applied. 
The Parish is located two miles East of Chester, close to the M53 motorway with quick access to Manchester and Liverpool areas. London by rail in 2hours 12 minutes.  Home to about 2,200 people with 980 properties. We have an ancient church as above with links to the first Bishop of Canterbury dating back to 900AD. The village infant school is popular and highly rated. A local ancient flour grinding mill on the river Gowy is undergoing renovation and hopefully will be opened as an education centre.
We have three pubs with dining facilities.  A Caravan park which is highly recommended. A recently built tennis club with ten courts, and the world renowned Hammond School of dance and drama. Our farm tea room is a popular meeting place and close to the cycle track (was railway) into Chester and beyond.  The ‘Springfield’ children’s play park had the installation of a ‘Pump Track’. The village hall is well used by many groups and has a large hall with kitchen; meeting, and bar facilities. If you google ‘Mickle Trafford’ you will see what we have around us.